Helius Tactical Black Steel Sharp Muzzle Brake Crown

Black Steel S.H.A.R.P. Brake

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 Something straight out of the lab, this brake lets you get creative about where it's name comes from. Specifically designed for blowing apart barbed wire or fencing bundled between it's six projections, it's also equipped with a D shaped brake on it's mid section for good gas dispersion, along with three comp holes on the top for recoil management. 

All devices come standard with a free steel crush washer, but other locking options can be purchased to fit the build you're after.

If you're interested in having something custom lasered on this product, reach out to us via the laser contact form, found here

Steel with a MilSpec Black Oxide finish, from a local supplier

2.4 Ounces

2.5" Length

.85" O.D.

.468" Thru hole, to fit a large variety of calibers. 

Six sharp prongs, designed to assist with destroying wire and fencing

Two D shaped brakes for gas management