Helius Tactical Stainless Steel Vector Muzzle Device Flash Hider Compensator

Stainless Vector CompHider

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 Be sure that you are following your local laws and regulations when installing this product. This is a flash hider. 

A futuristic inspiration from the legendary A2 bird cage, this hider has 4 splines machined to allow hot gas to expand slowly and swirl foreward of the device, effectively reducing muzzle signature. It also features 3 comp holes to reduce vertical recoil.

All devices come standard with a free steel crush washer, but other locking options can be purchased to fit the build you're after.

If you're interested in having something custom lasered on this product, reach out to us via the laser contact form, found here

MilSpec 416 Stainless, from a local supplier

3.3 Ounces

2.5" Length

.85" O.D.

.468" Thru hole, to fit a large variety of calibers. 

.125" Comp holes, for vertical recoil reduction

4 splines 3+1 axis machined in an X configuration, for flash reduction