Helius Tactical Black Steel Stubby Muzzle Brake

Black Steel Stubby Brake

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 Derived from the look of lower profile devices on SBR's and other compact weaponry, this brake measures a short 1.6 inches. However, the dual port brake has been rotated back towards the operator by a slant of 5 degrees, robbing even more forward energy from the escaping gases so it can compete on par with brakes that are twice as long. Additionally, it features 3 comp holes so you can prevent muzzle rise in the confined spaces this was designed to operate in. It also features a 5 point tactical crown to assist with door breaching.

All devices come standard with a free steel crush washer, but other locking options can be purchased to fit the build you're after.

If you're interested in having something custom lasered on this product, reach out to us via the laser contact form, found here

MilSpec Black Oxide Steel, from a local supplier

1.8 Ounces

1.6" Length

.85" O.D.

.468" Thru hole, to fit a large variety of calibers. 

.125" Comp holes, for vertical recoil reduction

Double 5 degree slanted brake